Posted by: austenproject | February 25, 2011

A Ball at Pemberley: Day 4!

Day 4: Colin Firth is the self-deprecating writer from Love Actually. Will he find a love that goes beyond language barriers??

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To sign up for a slot, go here!

1. When you finish your time slot, e-mail your tweets to, putting your tweets in order of earliest to latest. In paragraph form would be best.

2. Write the word DONE at the end of your last tweet so the next person knows to start.

Our story is now an audio book as well, thanks to Steve from @englishradio!

Also, the story is now up on AustenAuthor’s

To join the Oscar pool, REGISTER HERE, and then use:
group password: muslin

The next installment of A Ball at Pemberley is up, and it’s teeming with compelling storylines. In the eloquent words of @julietarcher: “the shades of Pemberley had certainly been polluted this evening. Wiles and wantonness! Duels and depravity!”

And at the end of all that, we welcome…Richard Armitage and Colin Firth!

A Ball at Pemberley!

Chapter IX

“It would be my pleasure, Mr. Willoughby.”

The room fell silent, with the exception of Kitty Bennet who laughed, scorn in her expression. She could not believe that a man such as himself would even contemplate asking the most plain Bennet! (read more here…)

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