Posted by: austenproject | February 18, 2011

A Ball at Pemberley continues!

Dance well, Mary Bennet! Follow Day 3 LIVE! on Twitter at hashtag #A4T.

To sign up for a slot, go here!

1. When you finish your time slot, e-mail your tweets to, putting your tweets in order of earliest to latest. In paragraph form would be best.

2. Write the word DONE at the end of your last tweet so the next person knows to start.

Unlike last week, this week’s poll isn’t a matter of life and death…unless you’re one of the ladies in question!

Thank you!

Once again, an Austen Twitter Tuesday was a smashing success! Shocking revelations abound as the ever-growing number of characters prepare for the ball. Enjoy!

(Note: The entire story was written in turns over Twitter, using the hashtag #A4T.)

A Ball at Pemberley!

Chapter V

After a moment of contemplation, Elizabeth ascertained that the letter was from her beloved friend, Charlotte Collins. It was clear that the letter had been hurried, merely comprehensible as a consequence of her current temperament.

“Dearest Elizabeth,” it read. “An astonishing misfortune has fallen upon myself. Mr. Collins has passed away, unforeseen and forthwith. I am astounded! I am yet to learn the prospects for myself and for Longbourn as of present. I inform you with the assurance of your reliability as a friend in anguish; and it would be gratifying if you may keep this to yourself at this moment. Yours fervently, Charlotte.”

Mrs. Darcy was utterly aghast. What was to become of her cherished friend? (continue to read here)

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