Posted by: austenproject | February 10, 2011

A Ball at Pemberley begins!

R.I.P. Mr. Collins. Follow along Day 2 LIVE! on Twitter at hashtag #A4T.

To sign up for a slot, go here!

1. When you finish your time slot, e-mail your tweets to, putting your tweets in order of earliest to latest. In paragraph form would be best.

2. Write the word DONE at the end of your last tweet so the next person knows to start.

Thank you!
Where will the story go next? YOU decide!

Thank you! See main entry below:

After much anticipation, Day 1 of the Austen Twitter Project exceeded all of our expectations. I’ll say no more…read for yourself!

(Note: The entire story was written in turns over Twitter, using the hashtag #A4T.)

A Ball at Pemberley!

A collaborative work by the Jane Austen Twitter Project

Chapter I

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that no diversion on earth so delights young people as the prospect of a ball, and a ball at Pemberley, that fine and celebrated house, in the beautiful county of Derbyshire, was a recreation devoutly to be wished!

The Darcys were but lately married, and the ball was considered by the neighbourhood as the culmination of the wedding celebrations. Invitations were sent with dispatch, and many a young lady went to bed that night with her head full of happy cares. Many an older lady too, for the groom’s mother-in-law was perfectly convinced the ball was given principally for her gratification.

When the letter duly arrived, bearing the Pemberley seal…(continue to read here)


  1. Oh please can’t we pick two? Lizzy’s older brother would be perfect for Charlotte!

    • Maybe that can happen next week!

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