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Listen to Lynn Shepherd and Adam Spunberg on BBC Oxford radio!
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Anne Elliot is secretly engaged to…RICHARD ARMITAGE!

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The next section is now up, for your discerning eyes!

Most devastating quote goes to @elizabethkarr: “she cheered herself up mightily with the lovely idea that there was always the possibility that Elizabeth Bennet, now Mrs. Darcy (she shuddered) would die in childbirth.”

A Ball at Pemberley!

Chapter XIII

The room fell silent with intrigue, and Mr. Firth acknowledged all of the guests at the ball with a prodigious smile on his face. Armitage continued, “He is but fine in the art of literature, and I’m sure you shall find he will be quite the intelligible guest.”

Everyone remained quiet, pondering what this unfamiliar face beheld. Elizabeth promptly broke the silence — (read more here…)

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