Posted by: austenproject | April 30, 2011

A Ball at Pemberley: Day 13 (FINAL DAY!)

Follow Day 13 — our final day — LIVE on Twitter this Tuesday, 5/3, at hashtag #A4T. Find out how “A Ball at Pemberley” will conclude!

To sign up for a slot, go here! We hope that EVERYONE signs up to write these last two days. Let’s go out with a bang!

1. When you finish your time slot, e-mail your tweets to, putting your tweets in order of earliest to latest. In paragraph form would be best.

2. Write the word DONE at the end of your last tweet so the next person knows to start.

Day 12 of the story is now up! Thank you to all of our contributors for another day of extraordinary writing!

A Ball at Pemberley!

Chapter XLV

“Miss Price,” Colonel Fitzwilliam replied, suddenly captivated by the openness and sincerity filling Fanny’s eyes. He admired, for the first time since making her acquaintance the day prior, the elegance of her figure and the manner in which her dark hair, having come unpinned, pooled across her shoulders in gentle waves.

“How are you this evening?” the Colonel continued, staring intently at this unassuming, yet positively bewitching, young woman.

“I am well, thank you, sir,” Fanny replied, unable to prevent a broad smile from spreading across her face.

Georgiana, sensing that the pair might be better off without her presence, slipped from the drawing room and began to ascend a nearby staircase which led to the wing of Pemberley housing her own chamber. As she approached the final step, her mind heavy with thoughts of Mr. Armitage, Mr. Wickham, and her own uncertain future, she noticed, out of the corner of her eye, a shadowy object dangling from the banister. Upon closer inspection, Georgiana determined that it was a piece of fabric knotted around the wooden handrail. (read more here…)

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