Posted by: austenproject | April 11, 2011

A Ball at Pemberley: Day 10!

Follow Day 10 LIVE on Twitter at hashtag #A4T.

To sign up for a slot, go here!

1. When you finish your time slot, e-mail your tweets to, putting your tweets in order of earliest to latest. In paragraph form would be best.

2. Write the word DONE at the end of your last tweet so the next person knows to start.


Day 9 of the story is now up! Thanks for being so patient!

A Ball at Pemberley!

Chapter XXXIII

Moved by his friend’s words, Bingley paused and slowly spun around, feigning ignorance of the murmuring crowd that had gathered near him and his sister. Fortunately for both, the majority of the ball guests knew nothing of the devastating events that had transpired and had been drawn to the scene not by lust for scandal, but by Caroline’s haunting wails.

“How am I to stay?” Bingley asked Darcy, his normally carefree brow furrowed in frustration. (read more here…)

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