Posted by: austenproject | December 24, 2010

Important Project Dates


1. Thursday, January 20: All story submission ideas are due so we can hold a vote. Please send submissions to

Here’s a sample story:

The Bennets’ Baronetage

After losing three of their daughters to matrimony, Mr. and Mrs. Bennet receive an invitation to Bath from an old acquaintance, Lady Russell, and decide to take Kitty and Mary on a holiday/vacation there. Also frequenting Bath at the same time are Mr. and Mrs. Collins, Lady Catherine de Bourgh and her sickly daughter Anne, and a charming, mysterious widower named Willoughby. High drama ensues as Mr. Willoughby and Colonel Fitzwilliam — a friend of the Darcys — vie for Kitty’s affections, while Mary and Anne seek solace in the brooding poetry of a mourning (he has lost a loved one for the second time), Captain James Benwick. At the same time, Lady Catherine spars with the exalted Lady Dalrymple for superiority in the Bath social circle.

May make an appearance: Darcy and Elizabeth, Bingley and Jane, Captain Wentworth and wife Anne, Mr. Yates, Sir Walter Elliot.

2. Tuesday, February 8: The writing begins.

3. Tuesday, May 3: The story ends.

***All writing will take place on Tuesdays. Each week’s chapter will then be posted on Sundays. Thank you so much for your interest and participation!***

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